Migration and Visa Services

We are dedicated to providing you with a complete range of services to assist you in obtaining an appropriate Australian Visa

Your services from ROTO Migration begin when you enquire about your eligibility for a visa up to the point in which a final decision is received from the Department of Immigration, Australia. There are generally 3 stages in which our services cover:

We provide comprehensive assistance for following visa categories:

  • Skilled Migration Program
  • Business Migration Scheme
  • Family Reunions (Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa, Parents visa & Child Migration)
  • Retirement Visa
  • Long Term Working Visas
  • Short Term Business Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Migration Review Tribunal Appeal

Because our firm specialized in visas only for Australian, we can ensure that we have the expertise and professionalism to assist anyone wishing to enter Australia whether temporarily or permanently.

Visa Assessment Stage

  • Eligibility - Initially we will provide you with an assessment to identify the most suitable visa for you
  • If we find that you are not eligible for your preferred visa, then we will suggest other alternatives for you to choose (if available).
  • With this assessment we will also provide you with a quotation for our services as well a quotation for other departmental charges.

Please feel free to complete our FREE online visa assessment. Upon receiving this assessment this office will provide you with advice on eligibility of an appropriate visa category and also a breakdown of the costs involved in the proposed visa application

Visa Application Stage

When making an application to the Immigration, it is very important to ensure accuracy in the information presented to the Department of Immigration and that the application meets all Migration Regulations and requirements. Any inaccurate information could result in delays in the processing or refusal of the visa application.

When you engage ROTO Migration Services to represent you, we will ensure the following:

  • A checklist will be provided to you, outlining the steps involved in applying for your particular visa.
  • We will actively monitor the process leading to lodgement of your application.
  • We will provide you with a detailed list of the supporting documentation and evidence required for your particular visa class, and requirements for translation, certified copies etc.
  • We will review your documents to ensure that they comply with the requirements of Immigration.
  • We will prepare a detailed submission to Immigration in support of your application, showing that you satisfy the relevant Migration Regulations and criteria for the visa category you are applying for.
  • We will lodge your visa application at the appropriate office of Immigration ensuring that the correct visa application fee is paid to ensure that a valid visa application is lodged

Visa Management Stage

  • We will monitor the progress during the processing of your visa application and keep you informed of the expected timeframe for a decision by Immigration
  • We will assist you to respond to any queries raised by Immigration and to provide any additional information or documentation required by the migration officer assessing your case.
  • If you have to attend an interview with a migration officer, we will assist you to prepare for the interview.
  • Once your visa application is approved we will arrange for the visa to be endorsed in your passport.