Parent Visas

There are two categories of parent visas:

  • the parent category
  • the contributory parent category

These 2 parent categories provide eligible parents of settled Australian citizens, settled Australian permanent residents or settled eligible New Zealand citizens with the choice of 3 migration pathways to Australia.

Within the Family Stream of Australia’s annual Migration Program, a limited number of visa places are allocated to parent migration.

There is a significant waiting period for a parent category visa. Based on current planning levels parent category visa applicants can expect to wait approximately 15 years for their application to be finalised.

More places are allocated to contributory parent category visas. Based on current planning levels, contributory parent category visa applicants generally can expect their applications to be finalized in under 2 years.

The parent category is a direct pathway to permanent residence.

The contributory parent category has 2 options. Applicants can apply directly for permanent residency or go through a 2 stage, 2 visa pathway to permanent residence. The 2 stage process allows applicants to stagger the costs.

Contributory parent category visas have a substantially higher second instalment of the visa application charge for each adult applicant, a higher Assurance of Support bond and longer Assurance of Support period so as to make a higher contribution towards their future health and welfare costs. However, contributory parent visa applicants are significantly advantaged by much shorter processing times.